Marketing Strategy


From A to Z…Plus OUR “P”s

One Agency for all of your marketing needs: Marketing Mix One

What is your Marketing Mix?

The "P"s WE believe in are not the conventional ones used by most marketing companies. Our guiding “P”s are: product, price, promotion, place, physical evidence, positioning, process, and people. Each company has its own mix. Let us help you define yours by taking you through an in-depth analysis of your business. 

We will: 
  • Review your market
  • Complete a competitive/SWOT analysis
  • Analyze your existing database for purchasing trends
  • Create your marketing strategy
  • Set the marketing plan in motion
  • Analyze and report on outcomes
  • Implement tests and controls
  • Refine the plan as needed


     What has your data done for you lately?

We can find the hidden gems in your data. Simply put: we can analyze your data, and identify trends to make predictions about:
  • product demand
  • reinvestment strategies
  • purchasing trends
  • high value customers or customers at risk of attrition
  • customer behavior to better target promotions and offers
Marketing Mix One can help your business make better, data-driven strategic decisions with the goal of growing revenue and increasing your profits.
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